Players' Tribune: Thanks, Brett

“Drive, go hunting with me!”

Over the years, Brett used to say this to me all the time. We had a special connection on the field during our careers that resulted in big numbers, but we also enjoyed each other away from football. But that didn’t mean I was about to go hunting with him.

One day he asked me to go hunting, like he always did, and I said no, like I always did.

Then he asked why and I told him, “Do you see how black I am? If I’m coming running out of those woods, I’m going to get shot.”

Brett said, “But you’d be wearing the orange jumpsuit.”

And I was just like, “No. No, Brett. I’m fast, I’m black, and I don’t want nobody thinking I’m a deer.”

Brett thought about that for a second and said, “Drive, I promise I won’t shoot you.”

That’s Brett.

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