Donald Driver, the Green Bay Packers' all-time leading receiver in receptions and yards and a member of the Super Bowl XLV championship team, will formally announce his retirement on Wednesday, Feb. 6, at 11 a.m., at a public event in the Lambeau Field Atrium.

Donald Driver Speaks at Retirement Celebration

Here's what people are saying about Donald's retirement...

"It's been a great pleasure getting to know Donald over these years.  His contribution to the history of the Green Bay Packers has been extraordinary.  I am honored to congratulate him on all of his achievements on and off the field." -  Packers Legend Bart Starr

"Donald was a tremendous player.  He overcame great odds to make the team when he first joined us and, as has been well documented, extreme challenges while he was growing up.  He was dependable and productive for the Packers.  Even though some of the big plays we had together come to mind - on Monday night in Champaign, against the Giants in the Playoffs - it really is the way he could make guys miss that stands out to me, like the long touchdown he had just before halftime in Minnesota (in 2006).  He also was a big reason we won the division at the Metrodome in '04.  I have great memories of playing with Donald.  He was a great teammate - he was very likeable in the locker room.  That he could go from a seventh-round draft choice to the Packers' all-time leading receiver is a real tribute to him." - Packers Legend Brett Favre

"It makes me really happy to know that Donald Driver is retiring as a Packer.  Throughout my career, Donald has been an incredible player and teammate whose durability and productivity speak for themselves.  He was a huge part of helping me establish myself as a starter in this league and I'll always appreciate his encouragement and support during that time.  I'll remember all the great plays he made in our time together, including the long touchdown against San Francisco in 2010 that is still one of the most remarkable plays I've ever seen.  He was one of the guys I was most happy for at the end of that season, because he had waited his whole career to get to the Super Bowl and win a ring.  But more than any of those things, I'll remember the attitude and professionalism that he carried himself with, especially in his approach to practice every day.  I could count on one hand the number of practices he missed in my career, and his enthusiasm for the game always had such a positive impact on the rest of us.  Donald was an awesome player, and an even better person who set a great example for giving back to the community.  I wish him the best in his next chapter and feel lucky that I got to share part of my career as his teammate." - Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

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"A few things come to mind when I think about Donald.  The first is the way he grew up and the hardships he had to endure early on in his life.  Second is that he is one of the toughest competitors I have ever been around.  And the third is how much the Green Bay community meant to him and how much he meant to Green Bay.  With that said, I'll sum Donald up in three words: warrior, champion, friend!" - Packers DB Charles Woodson

"Donald was one of those players that you always had to be aware of as a defense no matter where he was on the field.  He put pressure on defensive lineman to get to the quarterback quickly because if you didn't, Donald would find a way to get open.  The fact that he is finishing his career as the all-time receptions leader for a historic franchise like Green Bay speaks volumes about him as a player.  I congratulate Donald on an amazing career and wish him the best in his retirement."  - Vikings DE Jared Allen

"I think when you look at Donald and the accolades and all that he has been able to accomplish on the field, obviously he is a great player, but I think he is an even better man.  I think that is the starting point.  It starts with the man, the person, and it all starts with that.  I think everything he has been able to accomplish in his life, be it business, be it football, be it family, faith, I think it all starts with him as a man and what is in his heart.  He did it the right way, he did it the Packer way, and it has been an honor to work with him during his journey." - Packers wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett

"Drive' has been a blessing to me from the moment I walked through the doors of the Lambeau Field facilities.  I will cherish the locker and meeting room memories I was fortunate enough to have with him.  I will always value the lessons he taught me on the field in showing me how and what it takes to become a great receiver.  But the things he taught me about life, as far as being a father, son, brother, role model, and friend, will carry much more weight in my life both during and after my playing career.  I'm thankful that the Lord crossed our paths and I can only hope and pray to have a career that he has had and make a difference in as many lives as he has.  I have no doubt that whatever Donald's next venture is, it will be enjoyable for whomever he comes in contact with because of the kind of person he is and that million-dollar smile.  Drive, thanks for everything!  God Bless, 'The Kid.'" - Packers WR Randall Cobb

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"I want to congratulate 'Drive' on a marvelous career.  He is one of the toughest guys I've ever seen.  I would like to thank him for always being so kind to me and my family.  He is a great guy and I'd like to wish him nothing but the best in anything he does following his football career." - Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald

"He was one of the hardest-working players I have ever seen.  A lot of guys, when they get to stardom, they tend to relax and not care as much about their craft and getting better.  Every year I played with Donald Driver, he was striving to get better every season.  He was at every practice.  Mike McCarthy would tell him, 'You can go ahead and relax at this practice,' and he would not miss one.  As a young guy, watching that truly helped me become a better professional and a better player.  He was one of the coolest teammates to be around.  He was always full of fun, always wanting to help other people get better on the field no matter what.  He was just a leader." - Packers WR James Jones

"He was a great teammate.  When I first got here, we hung out a little bit and got to know each over very well.  He was a guy that would do anything for the team.  I'll always remember the energy he brought to the game, his excitement no matter where he was at during his career.  When I got here, he was only in his second year, and he played with the same enthusiasm until the end of the career." - Packers RB Ahman Green (2000-2006, 2009)

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Speaks at Donald's Ceremony

"I have been around this stuff for 40 years and the two most beloved Green Bay Packers are Bart Starr and Donald Driver." - Larry McCarren

"Day after day in training camp, fans have cheered Driver's every move.  No player in Green Bay, at least in the last 30 years, has received this type of adulation during practice." - Bob McGinn

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